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Our Story

Spiritual Kindling got its beginning on our ranch, in Malibu, California. We use nature’s own resources forged from fallen branches of pine, oak and eucalyptus trees which keeps our property and the surrounding areas clear of dry and highly flammable materials in an area that is so prone to fires.

We are the only fire starter that combines the healing properties of medicinal herbs with raw wood tinder.

Each artisanal Spiritual Kindling bundle is curated then hand-tied with Sage, Lavender, Pine and Eucalyptus. The aromatic smoke from these herbs has healing properties that, when burned along with an intention card that you personalize with your purpose, facilitate and support you in manifesting your dreams and aspirations when added to your fire. Combining medicinal herbs with natural wood product is a way to share a healing, even if it’s simply for the aroma (It smells that good!) spiritual kindling… light your fire with intention…

meiling_about225x225Mei-Ling Lee
Creative Director/ Trail Leader

After years in the fast paced industry of Fashion, Special Events and Production this city girl decided to decelerate and reconnect with nature, specifically on the beautiful and awe inspiring coast of Southern California’s city of Malibu.

Blessed with the gift of living on a 40 acre Ranch perched high in the Canyons, the beauty of the land surrounding her and all its gifts was something she wanted to share.